WS_FTP LE (limited edition) is a standard FTP client for Winsock. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface and advanced features. It contains profiles that can be set up to toggle between commonly visited FTP sites.

IMail Server  v.8 2

A comprehensive electronic mail solution designed for todays evolving Internet and corporate intranet messagingrequirements.

Ipswitch Instant Messenger  v.1.01

This program is a secure instant messaging client and server. It includes 168-bit 3DES encryption, message logging, archiving and retention options. It also has a centrally managed global contact list and access controls.

FtpRight  v.

FtpRight allows you to upload files -- that is, copy files from your PC to other computers. For example, you would upload files if you need to place your Web pages on a computer system designated by your ISP (Internet Service Provider),

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